President’s Message April 2024

Welcome to all Model A’ers, 

Thank you, Phil and Kaye, for hosting our Spring tune-up day on Saturday, 23 March. All cars that needed it were looked over and passed inspection. Thanks to Greg Hoyle for all his technical advice and hard work in getting it done. Also, thanks to Chuck Dusenbery for providing the coffee which kept us all going. 

Our next events are listed in the Scuttlebutt. The Guthrie 89ers parade is on Saturday, April 20, 2024, and the Fall Tour to Lawton ( Fort Sill) and Frederick, OK is on the 25 – 28 April. We have 25 rooms signed up at the Hotel in Lawton. This should be fun, and we get to see our friends again from the Tulsa Model A Ford Club. We have added a new parade on May 11th. It is the Armed Forces parade in Del City. 

Our Club has new business cards, thanks to Karen Dusenbery. These can be handed out to interested people, potential new members, or to businesses that support us with their advertising. The cards will be available at our April Club Meeting. The Board approved the member list that was sent out via email to all paid Model A Club members. The list is for member’s use only and is not to be passed out to any business or non-member. The board made the decision that this type of list would be easier to update and keep current, instead of a booklet that had to be manufactured by an outside source. Each mem-ber can print this if they want to, or it can be stored on the electronic devices on Books or Files or whatever program is used for PDF files. It is not possible to put the directory on the website because there is no longer a members-only page, and it would not be possible to keep it secured. 

If anyone has an interesting topic (it doesn’t have to be Model A connected) for any of our meetings, please let us know and we will see if it can be arranged. We all look forward to seeing everyone soon, maybe at a meeting or some event this spring. 

Don Mitchell, President