President’s Message May 2024


We wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.  We hope you all are treated very special on your day by getting flowers, having a fabulous meal and/or getting together with family.  Thank you for all that you do for everyone.

The joint Spring Tour with the Tulsa Model A Ford Club went well.  We visited Fort Sill’s Auxiliary Museum, the Quad where the soldiers lived, and the storage area for the Museum, where we saw some of the original head-dresses and shields.  Then we went to the cemetery where we saw Geronimo’s grave, and his family’s graves, and other graves from the various Indian tribes.  We also visited the Museum of the Great Plains and the Comanche Museum.  We made the drive to Frederick to see where the Abernathy boys came from and how they traveled to Washington D.C. and New York on horseback, then by car.  The tornado warnings did not bother us as we only had interesting clouds and a little rain.  We did have an unplanned bonus with a herd of Longhorn cattle that stopped traffic on our way to the Holy City of the Wichitas.  They probably just wanted to look at the Model A’s, and wish they had one.

It is with sad regret that I have to report the passing of our longtime Model A member, Sharlotte Campbell.  Sharlotte and Mike were very supportive of our Model A Club, and we were all very pleased to see Sharlotte at the Christmas party this past December.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike and their family.

Now that the warmer weather is here, we should be able to drive our Model A’s to some exciting places even for a few hours or a day.  If anyone has a suggestion or recommendation for a club activity, meeting topic, or if you want to present an interesting hobby or topic, please let me or a Board Member know.

Don Mitchell