President Message for February 2023

Happy February,
We missed our regular January club meeting due to the
weather, but we are looking forward to the meeting on Tuesday,
February 28th at 7:00pm. Our guest speaker, Mr. Herb Magley,
a Geologist, is scheduled to talk about “rocks,” especially some
of those found in Oklahoma. We have also scheduled an early
dinner at Bubba’s on Sunday, the 19th of February at 2 PM.
Those of us who went to Bubba’s for “Prohibition Days” in
December probably remember the food was outstanding.
Since our last meeting, the Christmas party, we have
been to the Chicken Shack in Arcadia to enjoy some wonderful
fried chicken. We saw Franz’ outstanding private collection of
license plates on Saturday, the 4th of February. Franz gave a
very interesting and informative history about all the various
license plates and the states from which they came. He had
every state and about every year of license plates ever made
covering all the walls and doors in his place.
In March, we will again participate in the St. Patrick’s
parade in the Stockyards on Saturday, March 11. After the
parade, we are planning to have lunch at Bunny’s Onion Burger,
which has the Feline Robot Waiter. I know we can’t wait to
see this in action. For the March meeting, we plan to have a
Model A bingo game with some prizes. That should be very
We welcome everyone to come to enjoy and participate
in the Sooner Model A Club activities. Besides listing activities
in the Scuttlebutt, we try to send out notices via email. Thank
you to all of you who renewed your club dues. We plan to
update the club directory this Spring from this list. If you have
any ideas or suggestions for other activities, please let me or one
of the board members know.
Don Mitchell, Sooner Model A Club President