President Message July 2023

Welcome to our Summer weather.

We participated in two 4th of July parades this year.  There were large crowds at both the Bethany and Edmond parades.  Thanks to  Phil Wolfenbarger for making the arrangements for the Bethany parade on Saturday, 1 July, where we had seven Model A’s.  Thanks to Jim Yates for making the arrangements for the Edmond Liberty Fest parade on Tuesday, 4 July, where we had nine Model A’s.  Thank you to all of you who participated.  It is a good way to show our cars.

The Model A’s that went to Robbers Cave on 23 – 25 June had a busy weekend with two of the cars having starter problems.  Thanks to Chuck Dusenbery, one was fixed there.  Push-starting the other one got it going, and it was not turned off until it arrived home.  It was later diagnosed and fixed with a new 6-volt battery cable.  That is the life of the Model A’er.  All five of us received a Top Five Award from the 12th Annual Antique Tractor Show.  It was a great experience.

We are planning to visit the Oklahoma Railway Museum on Saturday morning, 5 August 2023.  The train ride is 45 minutes long and it LEAVES at 11:15.  The cost for the ride is $12.  We plan to go in railroad car B which has air conditioning.  We can take our chances and buy our tickets that morning because we have to be there earlier to see the museum, which is free.  Or, if you wish, you can go online to OK Railway Museum and purchase a reserved seat for $12.  The Museum  is located at 3400 NE Grand Blvd, OKC.  We should be there by 10:15 to get our tickets and look around.  You can drive your Model A or if the weather is too hot, your modern car.  Thank you, Steve Davis, for telling us about this wonderful Oklahoma City gem.  

Our July 25th meeting is our ICE CREAM social.  Everyone brings some type of ice cream or something to go with it.  So there will be a great variety, and probably lots of it, as usual.

Don’t forget to register for the Fall Tour to Guthrie and OKC  on 8 to 11 October.  Even if you don’t stay at the Hotel, please send in your registration so we know how many are coming to each event.    We would love to see you even if it is for only one day.

As always, we are open to any suggestions for activities at the meetings or driving the Model A’s.

Don Mitchell, President